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Periods: Collective Outrage

Rupi Kaur’s project about menstruation for a “visual rhetoric course” at the University of Waterloo has got people hopping – they’re hopping mad, hopping disgusted, hopping completely missing the point. We’re talking young and old, men and women, a range of … Continue reading

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The Cult of Cheap

Today I read a great article on PetaPixel regarding the all too common prenuptial outcry about how outrageously expensive wedding photography is. Rather than justifying his fees to customers by providing an overall expenses list, wedding photographer Pavel Kounine prefers a … Continue reading

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The Question of Humour

Several years ago an incident occurred which left me feeling deeply wounded and upset. It was at that moment that I began to examine what people consider funny, or more precisely, what legitimately qualifies as humour. My analysis yielded answers that were not … Continue reading

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