Hush was created for the Voices Festival, the theme of which was the reclaiming of women’s voices which have, in a historical and cultural context, been silenced as a result of dominant patriarchal hierarchies. It was screened in the Voices Remembered exhibition at the White Water Gallery.

I’M NOT MAD was one of a series of works created for a multimedia exhibition entitled, Facing the Demon: The Agony and the Ecstasy. It was also selected  for Reel Northern (see below).

Reel Northern:  An Anthology of Film and Video from Northern Ontario

The WKP Kennedy Gallery, in partnership with the Near North Mobile Media Lab, hosted an installation of the finished video work for Reel Northern, a DVD anthology of film and video from Northern Ontario of which I was proud to be a part of. It consisted of a multi-media exhibition using projections, flat-screen televisions and vintage TV monitors. Reel Northern was a juried project, and the DVD is available to the public.

The films and videos display an interesting variety, ranging from the poetic to the comedic, the dramatic to the everyday, and back again. The works chosen for the anthology are the following:

– Sophie and Sarah, Eric Boissonneault, Corbeil

– Borealis, Dave Clement, Thunder Bay

– 30 Seconds Before Self Destruction, Mercedes Cueto, Sudbury

– Cavemen Rejoice, Derek Daniher, Thunder Bay

– Push, Hayes/Koivukoski Productions, North Bay

– I’m Not Mad, Michelle LaRiviere, North Bay

– Cyclica Roots, Darlene Naponse, White Fish First Nation

– That Was Easy, Pair of Ducks Productions, North Bay

– Undertow, Piotr Skowronski, Thunder Bay 

– Detention, Tough Luck Productions, North Bay

– White Dust, Dermot Wilson, North Bay

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