These are just a few of the 25,000+ never-been-seen before photos on my computer that I recently dug up while sorting and culling the collection. Happily, my forays in Instagram have inspired me to embrace the square format, which was the norm back when I was a kid in the 60s (my mom had one of those old Kodaks with the large glass viewfinder on top). As far as editing goes, most photos need some cropping anyway, but the square lends itself well to composition and artistic considerations.

Since moving to Windsor in April, my goal has been to get the paints and [square] canvases out, LOL, but I can’t seem to get away from the PHOTOGRAPHY… which in truth was one of my first loves, instilled in me by my late father, Ray. Interestingly, when I look at these photos I see colours and designs that would translate quite well on the painted surface.

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