Album Cover Nostalgia


My earliest training in the arts as a young adult was taking night and weekend courses in graphic design and airbrush painting in Vancouver. There were no computers in those days, and everything was done mechanically by hand. As an audiophile with a collection of LPs (250+ now all gone), I was always impressed by album cover art and spent a lot of time studying the fronts and backs of the covers. These days I’m more of a technophile, and whenever I discover new apps I spend hours processing hundreds of [my own] photos and images through one or more of the apps to see if anything interesting happens. Maybe it explains why I’m so drawn to the square format for much of my work… because these images sure remind me of album cover art!

About Michelle LaRiviere

Michelle is a multidisciplinary artist, curator, writer, and Reiki Master currently based in Windsor, Ontario. She has exhibited internationally, and her practice includes traditional as well as digital media. Michelle also taught visual arts to secondary school students for ten years. Currently she has gone back to her foundational roots, and is exploring figurative drawing in graphite on paper.
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