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Blues for CleoI’m super excited to announce that Blues for Cleo is in Los Angeles for the 10th Annual SNAP TO GRID exhibition at LACDA, December 12, 2013 – January 4, 2014. Opening reception will be held during the Downtown Art Walk on December 12th.

I sure wish I could ditch the winter boots, coat, and mitts to wander around in California for a few days! Sigh . . .

Blues for Cleo was created on the iPhone 4 using various apps. It is a digital collage involving photography, digital finger painting, and creative image manipulation.

My New Shop: CoCo Delight

Well, I’m pretty excited to finally have my very own shop on Etsy — CoCo Delight — and the Grand Opening is today! Things are moving right along this year!

Up until recently, I never really paid much attention to making my art accessible in a consistent manner. Yes, I was a member of the downtown artists’ collective, Art on Main, for over four years, but while there, I became more interested in the operation and marketing of the organization rather than producing artwork and promoting myself. It was a bit distracting.

One of the most commercial things I’ve done to date was to participate in my very first outdoor show at Artist’s Garden at Ash Creek Pottery in Callander this past July. In fact, at the urging of a few artist friends, I finally took the plunge and had some blank cards made of my most recent artwork created on the iPhone — the raven series. Tom at Ricci’s Fine Printing has always done my printing for graphic design projects, and he did a fabulous job on the cards. The colours are amazing, and I actually sold 50 cards that weekend! Now, I’ve finally taken the next step, and opened a little shop to sell the other 400.

You might be wondering where the name CoCo Delight came from. Well, it was partially due to necessity. One of the things I always find shocking is that there are apparently dozens of people with the same name as me… which made naming my shop a bit complicated. I tried every possible combination, and finally settled on using my dog’s name, Coco. When I speak to her in French, she answers to Cocotte. My friend Kelly calls her Coquette. I like those two names, but when I googled them to check on the specific meaning, well… let’s just say that people would have gotten the wrong idea about what I was selling, hehe.

So that’s the story. I named the shop after my dear sweet canine companion (the English version of her name), and we’re open for business. Please drop in and tell your friends.

Shop CoCo Delight at Etsy

The Medium and the Message

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This work was created for a solo exhibition at The AOM Gallery in 2012. Each image was designed on an iPhone 4 using various apps, including Brushes, ArtStudio, and 100 Cameras in 1. Upon completion, the file was emailed to my computer for larger viewing, and then subsequently sent to a printer, matted, and framed. More than half of the works were done in bed late at night. 

Click here to view the works individually.

The Medium and the Message

Artist Statement

 The Medium:

Smartphone technology and software applications (apps) have finally turned science fiction into reality. From children’s games, to sophisticated NASA orbit mission trackers, it seems everything is now possible in one hand-held device!

Photography and digital art have traditionally required expensive equipment and complex computer programs. Now, professional quality work can be achieved on a portable phone with a five-dollar app. As an avid techie, my phone has become a small canvas on which to explore big ideas.

The Message:

Themes of transience and life changes are recurring subjects in my work. Family cycles and dynamics are fragile, mysterious, and often rife with memory and longing for what was, or for what could have been—whether the course of things was prematurely altered through loss or fractured relationships, or fully and naturally realized over time. The human condition means that none of us is immune to pondering the unfolding of that which is our life.

Nature is teeming with symbols that reflect our own experiences. Naked trees, abandoned nests, birds on a wire… all reveal a hint of meaning if we open our hearts and minds to it. They have endured as ideal subjects for communicating abstract ideas and emotions throughout history, and poets and artists continue to strive to free the silent universal voice that is ours to embrace and celebrate.

All images in this exhibition were created on an iPhone and printed on archival paper.

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