WAC – The Walkerville Artists’ Co-op

The Walkerville Artists' Co-op

Well the dust is starting to settle a bit, and it’s hard to believe that I’ve been living in Windsor for a month already! In April I set up my wall display as one of the newest WAC members, and yesterday I moved to a bigger and more central wall space that became available May 1st. As you can tell from the photos, the store is bright, spacious, and full of beautiful work – all created by local artists.

I’ll be adding collectible note cards of my iPhone artwork (with envelopes) before the GRAND OPENING RECEPTION this Friday, May 9th. WAC only recently moved to its new location, so as a new member I’m super excited about our big event! If you live in the Windsor/Detroit area, please drop by and say hello!

For more information about this impressive artist co-op, visit the WAC website: http://www.walkervilleartistsco-op.com/


My New Shop: CoCo Delight

Well, I’m pretty excited to finally have my very own shop on Etsy — CoCo Delight — and the Grand Opening is today! Things are moving right along this year!

Up until recently, I never really paid much attention to making my art accessible in a consistent manner. Yes, I was a member of the downtown artists’ collective, Art on Main, for over four years, but while there, I became more interested in the operation and marketing of the organization rather than producing artwork and promoting myself. It was a bit distracting.

One of the most commercial things I’ve done to date was to participate in my very first outdoor show at Artist’s Garden at Ash Creek Pottery in Callander this past July. In fact, at the urging of a few artist friends, I finally took the plunge and had some blank cards made of my most recent artwork created on the iPhone — the raven series. Tom at Ricci’s Fine Printing has always done my printing for graphic design projects, and he did a fabulous job on the cards. The colours are amazing, and I actually sold 50 cards that weekend! Now, I’ve finally taken the next step, and opened a little shop to sell the other 400.

You might be wondering where the name CoCo Delight came from. Well, it was partially due to necessity. One of the things I always find shocking is that there are apparently dozens of people with the same name as me… which made naming my shop a bit complicated. I tried every possible combination, and finally settled on using my dog’s name, Coco. When I speak to her in French, she answers to Cocotte. My friend Kelly calls her Coquette. I like those two names, but when I googled them to check on the specific meaning, well… let’s just say that people would have gotten the wrong idea about what I was selling, hehe.

So that’s the story. I named the shop after my dear sweet canine companion (the English version of her name), and we’re open for business. Please drop in and tell your friends.

Shop CoCo Delight at Etsy

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