Forever in the Heart

My world is small
yet infinitely expanded
by the vastness
in my soul
lovingly connected
to you
who reside
yesterday and today
forever present
in my heart.

A friend who has been producing the most beautiful and profound one-minute poems recently encouraged me to try her method. It involves latching onto a word that pops into your head. Poetry for me, however, always emerges from a phrase rather than a word… and with my friend in mind, this is what emerged.

As for the phrases, they always appear during deep thought, and today’s originated from how grateful I am for Facebook and the connectedness it enables to dear ones across the country and around the globe. I firmly maintain that social media is what you make it. For me it is loving, informative, and positive.

This poem is dedicated to Elizabeth, and to all the special ones who have crossed my path over the decades. I am deeply grateful for you.

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