Tell Me When (Demo)

So… I’ve really surprised myself this time. Riverworks Studio has morphed into a home recording studio, and I’m in the grips of an obsessive creative bender.

It all started when I decided to rent an acoustic/electric bass guitar from Long & McQuade for the month. Wait, what!? I’m not even a musician, LOL. While learning my way around the bass, I’m also finally teaching myself how to play the old Yamaha piano I’ve had for ages.

A few days ago, a random piano melody began to take shape, so I recorded it in order to not forget (along with some accompanying tracks, mostly just to see if I could do it). GarageBand is truly an impressive piece of software.

FYI, the vocals were improvised and added last, and I honestly don’t know where any of it come from.

It’s definitely a diamond in the rough, and it might make a few ears bleed, but I’m super excited because two weeks ago I knew virtually nothing about the bass guitar; and I could barely put a few notes together on the piano without getting lost and messing up.

As a multimedia artist who is not a musician, challenging myself to grow and expand creatively in a variety of media has always been an important aspect of my process. Right now I’m determined to learn the language of music, and so far the journey has been incredibly fun and rewarding!!

The Magic of Polaroids

While tooling around with Hipstamatic’s Tintype Snappack for a new project last week, I somehow got to looking at Polaroids. I had no idea that they could look so amazing!! The ones I remember kicking around in family photo boxes were, well, unimpressive. Then I discovered that Polaroid had released their very own app called Polamatic!!

Of the many in-app films, filters, and borders, I have a few favourites, but one of the things I like best about Polamatic is the text option. This opens up new possibilities for creative individuals who also use the written word as a means of expression. In the images below, I used various technology at my disposal to take the Polaroid to the next level with my digital artwork. The results are pretty exciting. New project? I think so!

To see more of my work, including some great Polaroids, follow me on Instagram.Thanks for dropping by, and as always, I look forward to reading your comments.

The Cinemagraph

In just a few short weeks I’ve gone from fumbling with Keynote slideshows and movies to making interesting cinemagraphs with Photoshop and iPad apps. Fellow WordPress blogger, James Liswed, recently commented on one of my posts with a link to TEKNARI, and OMG my life has changed forever!! THANK YOU JAMES!!

Of course, my original mission was to learn how to create animated GIFs that are relevant to my current projects, especially Projet Sage NU. The goal is now firmly in sight.

See more of my animated GIFs on Tumblr … it’s where I’m showcasing my growing collection!

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