Smoke Before the Fire

Smoke on the Water

Sometimes we know things without knowing that we know them. On occasion, these things have not happened yet, but our knowing manifests itself in some mysterious way. Smoke on the Water was created several weeks before the big fires in northern Ontario ravaged forests and wildlife, and threatened cities in May 2012. The piece just sort of happened, and when I first saw the result, a fleeting hint of fear grabbed me in the chest.

Indeed, little did I know that fires would be burning all over Ontario the May long weekend. Timmins was surrounded by fires, all of Kirkland Lake was on evacuation notice, and even areas around Ski Club Road were evacuated here in North Bay.

Smoke on the Water was created on the iPhone 4 using various apps including Brushes and ArtStudio. It was part of my solo exhibition, entitled  The Medium and the Message, at the AOM Gallery in May 2012.

About Michelle LaRiviere

Michelle is a multidisciplinary artist, writer, and Reiki Master currently based in Windsor, Ontario. She has exhibited internationally, and her practice includes traditional as well as digital media. Michelle has a background in education and is a member of the Ontario College of Teachers. Her long-time interest in holistic healing led to her recent certifications in Reiki and AromaTouch Technique massage.
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